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Training Plans and Guides

Not ready for 1:1 coaching? I've got you covered! Purchase a complete training plan that you can follow at home with these downloadable pdf's.


A Health-First Fueling Guide for Endurance Runners

Are you an ultrarunner who is confused about nutrition? This "quick start" fueling guide will teach you how to optimize both metabolic health and enduranc performance. Learn how to fuel for both life and running!

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Running Outdoor

Complete 50K Training Guide

This guide is for anyone who has run for at least one year and would like to complete a 50K feeling strong.


It's the perfect plan for someone who wants to build strength, fuel correctly and run strong without needing a gym membership or running high mileage each week.


I have built this 24-week template to give you a realistic training plan for a 50K ultramarathon. It includes a weekly running schedule, strength training, nutrition recommendations, information on recovery, mindset and more. You can adapt it to fit your schedule as needed. 


Before starting this program, make sure you already feel comfortable running 15 miles per week and that you have run or run/walked for at least 10 miles continuously in the recent past. If not, you will need to do a few weeks of base building before beginning (which I've included a how-to in the guide.)

Running Outdoor
Running Outdoors

Coming Soon: Complete 100 Mile Training Plan

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