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Why Every Runner Can Benefit from Hill Training

Alright, let’s see a show of hands….

Who loves hill repeats or hill workouts? 👍

Who hates ‘em? 👎

Even if you’re not a mountain runner, I’m going to tell you how hill workouts can benefit EVERY KIND of runner there is!

1. Research indicates that hill training can improve overall VO2max, speed, resting heart rate and even race times. It’s basically speed work in disguise!

2. Hill training builds lower body power and strength. Yay muscle!

3. Hill training helps increase overall endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

4. Running hills naturally encourages better running posture and higher stride rate. Yay, improved running mechanics!

So even if you’re not training for a hilly race…hill training can greatly benefit you as a runner.

There are many different ways you can perform hill training and if you don’t have a hill nearby, you can use the treadmill to get the same benefits.

So love ‘em or hate ‘em….hills are pretty good for you.

I like them for breakfast at least once per week 😉

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