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Need Some Direction but Can't Hire a Coach?

I get it.

Spending money on a trainer is, in reality, a luxury. With rising prices in every area of our lives, setting aside money for health and wellness training is really hard.

I've been brainstorming a way to offer services to a wider variety of individuals at an extremely affordable price.

And I've finally found the solution!

Launching this week, you can join Lauren's Patreon community for as little as 5$/month.

Weekly Patreon updates will include:

  • guided mindfulness exercises

  • exclusive strength and mobility workouts

  • exclusive running, exercise and fitness tips for all abilities

  • recipes and nutrition tips to help heal your relationship with food

  • self-reflection and goal-setting prompts to deepen your understanding of the authentic self

  • recaps of the latest health and wellness news

  • early access and discounts to new programs and retreats

What are you waiting for? For the cost of one fancy, sugary cup of coffee, you can get a MONTH filled with health, fitness and wellness exercises to help you become the very best version of YOU.

Join today by visiting my Patreon page.

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