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Female Athlete Nutrition: Hierarchy of Needs

If you are a female athlete, what does the latest research say regarding nutrition?

There’s a lot of noise out there on social media and it can be really confusing to know what to do. So let’s dive into the latest findings!

Recent research from the Journal of Sports Medicine outlines the hierarchy of female athlete nutritional needs.

👉🏻 The big takeaway?

The foundation of optimizing nutrition involves:

-Energy Availability and Hydration: taking in the proper amount of calories, water and electrolytes for your your body

-Meeting your macro- and micro- nutrient needs

-Fueling properly for exercise before, during and after.

These are the foundations of ensuring females are properly fueled in life and in training. If these foundations are not being met—no amount of customization regarding hormones, age or other factors will matter much.

A lot of people (coaches included) want to tackle the hormone issues first —whether it’s the female cycle or menopause —before mastering the basics.

In doing this, their efforts will most likely lead to frustrating results.

Master the foundations before heading towards the summit.

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