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Science-Driven Nutrition, Fitness and Run Coaching for Women Midlife and Beyond

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About Misfit Mountain Athletics

Science-Driven Coaching for Women

Misfit Mountain Athletics helps women from all backgrounds cut through the noise of diet culture and fads to find lasting health and wellness. From complete beginners to experienced runners and endurance athletes, Misfit Mountain Athletics provides nutrition, fitness and run coaching to help each client reach their full potential, avoid burnout and enjoy life-long success.

Our core values:

Unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods are the best fuel for your body.

Humans are meant to move.

Growth mindset and consistency will bridge the gap between where you are vs. where you want to be.


Meet Lauren, coach and owner

Lauren is a biochemist, former research scientist, certified nutrition coach, certified running coach, experienced ultrarunner, outdoor adventure junkie and mom to three boys.

Lauren has worked with men and women from all backgrounds and especially enjoys working with women midlife and beyond. From weight loss, to general fitness to running and ultrarunning goals, Lauren prides herself on creating comprehensive and 100% individualized fitness and nutrition plans for clients.

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Why Work with Misfit Mountain Athletics?

100% Individualized Programs

Misfit Mountain Athletics provides evidence-based training programs that are 100% individually tailored to each client. 

Clients can be coached in-person or virtually and receive unlimited support through email, chat and a private facebook group. 


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