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Special Programs

Here you will find information about exclusive, short-term programs offered by Misfit Mountain Athletics.

Before Workout

4-Week Complete Metabolic Transformation for Non-Athletes

Whether you are new to exercise and nutrition or you occasionally follow a workout program or have even struggled with dieting in the past, this program is for you! Ditch the fads, gimmicks and challenges for good. Work with Misfit Mountain Athletics to build sustainable, long-term change.


This 4 week program is a nutrition-fitness hybrid coaching package that will give you ALL the tools and guidance needed to completely transform your metabolism, lose weight and gain fitness.

This intense program is open to all lifestyles and requires a readiness for change. 

To apply, click here.

Running Outdoor

4-Week Metabolic Transformation for Endurance Athletes

This package is perfect for those who do not need a coach for an entire season, but who need guidance putting together a structured running + strength + nutrition program to optimize health and performance.

You will learn how to set up a training schedule, how to appropriately add in strength and conditioning and how to maximize your daily nutrition and race nutrition to build a flexible metabolism and hit new PRs.

Running Athletic Women
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