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Nature Immersion Life Coaching

Build your life plan through an adventure-based experience of self discovery.

Over the course of one weekend, you’ll learn how to….

  • build self-esteem and confidence in the outdoors and in life

  • uncover, plan and pursue your dreams, passions and goals in life

  • reconnect with your authentic self

  • build a path to a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise

  • process setbacks, challenges and failures in life

Spend a weekend in the wilderness to reconnect with your authentic self.

Over the course of three days, you will be guided through a gentle backpacking retreat filled with mindfulness meditations, goal planning sessions and outdoor activities to help you redefine how you would like to live your life. Lodging will be primitive campsites and all food will be provided. This is a beginner-friendly backpacking weekend. Participants must be able to hike 2-3 miles comfortably. Gear can be provided if needed.

Next Retreat: Women's Backpacking Retreat, October 7-9, Tennessee

Cost: $175

Apply here.

Crossing a River

Need a Customized Nature Immersion Retreat?

If you are looking for an individualized or small group retreat for your friends/colleagues, please contact me for more options.


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