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Metabolic Adaptability Training

As a biochemist, endurance athlete, nutritionist and trainer… I often get asked how my coaching approach is different from others. My answer? Metabolic Adaptability Training That’s a mouthful. Let’s break it down: This is a holistic coaching technique that helps individuals reach their highest potential—in sport and in life—through optimization of metabolism. The goal is to build a flexible, adaptable metabolism that increases performance and health. My athletes come to me looking for longevity, body re-composition and specialized training plans. Some have PCOS. Some are forging their way through menopause. Some are just tired of feeling bad all the time from overtraining and quack nutrition advice. Together, we focus on: blood glucose/insulin stabilizing nutrition plans (to maximize carb and fat utilization—turning your body into a muscle-building, fat-shedding instrument) •metabolic resistance training (i.e. strength training that optimizes a favorable hormone and metabolic response while providing overall strength and injury prevention) •individualized training plans that optimize rest, recovery, cross training and goal-specific outcomes

Tired of the status quo? Let’s chat.

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